The Artists - Julie and Laszlo

Julie and Laszlo, partners in life and partners in art, have been working together on their creations for over 15 years.

Glass and its myriad characteristics have opened up a world of creative possibilities to explore, driven by inspiration gathered from their daily lives. Some of their images have come from their immediate home environments, formerly Victoria and now the Northern Rivers area in NSW. Other work was inspired by their visits to other magnificent areas of Australia.

Both Julie and Laszlo have had a number of professions over the years, but " a creative existence has become the most important way of life for us. It seems that the way we experience the world inspires us to reflect those experiences and insights in a creative way. So what we are really doing is to continually 'enjoy' and 're-enjoy' all those things that we find beautiful by creating beautiful things. We simply like making nice things that are meaningful to us in some way!"